A love letter to you, my sister.

I see you.

I see you living a pretty phenomenal life. Things are going well (give yourself a big pat on the back). But, you want to expand. Your business. Your relationships. And, all that you can experience in life.

You’re driven by freedom …and growth. Always growing (oh how I love that about you).

The question on your heart?


How can you expand your success without overwhelm and burnout. AND, while experiencing simplicity and pleasure?

How can you wake up at this time next year with a smile on your face because you know you’ve reached and impacted more people and you’ve done it with total integrity AND pleasure?

As a result of this paradoxical question, you’ve been a little stuck. Perhaps, feeling like you’ve hit your own self-imposed glass ceiling?

I get it, I am an empath focused on growth (in all areas). I have hit those plateaus where I think to myself “I just don’t think I can take care of any more people with the level of intimacy and quality that I want to maintain.”Or, “If I let myself be more visible I will lose the level of freedom I have now.”

And, yet I felt the desire to expand my reach. To expand the level of reach and impact I was having.

There was a level of guilt that came with the desire to expand – guilt around wanting to DO less, to maintain my lifestyle and keep things simple AND experience more success. I’d often wonder “do I deserve more if I don’t want to do more or work harder?”

I realized that I do deserve to work in my own way, a way that has plenty of spaciousness, pleasure and downtime.  I also, realized that this is one of the greatest gifts I can give you – the knowing that you can work in a way that feels delicious to you without losing momentum and even getting better results than ever before…all while truly enjoying this journey of life.

I realized that I do deserve to work in my own way, a way that has plenty of spaciousness, pleasure and downtime.  

I also, realized that this is one of the greatest gifts I can give you – the knowing that you can work in a way that feels delicious to you without losing momentum and getting even better results than ever before…all while truly enjoying this journey of life.

Here’s the thing…

I want you to:


Expand your capacity for success while simultaneously expanding the amount of simplicity & pleasure you experience.
Feel so safe being yourself that the depths of your self-expression and shadow can come out to play… to be healed and to heal…with the support of sisterhood.
Know that receiving is just as powerful as giving. Yes, feel free to breathe that one in.
Feel deeply connected to your purpose, dreams + confident enough to go for them.
Believe and embody the thought that “pleasure is productive”
Know that you do NOT need to experience overwhelm or burnout in order to make a huge impact or receive the financial abundance you desire.
Know you don’t have to over-deliver, over-perform, or over-give in order to be worthy of what you really want (or to make a big difference in your client’s lives).




Success, soul and simplicity are NOT mutually exclusive, my friend.

I envision you…


Heading to Fiji (or Greece or Bali) to lead a retreat…and, yes, your favorite yoga teacher is guesting at it
Making a level of profit that would legitimately blow your mind and make you say “I never thought I could make that much money while feeling SO good!” (Oh yes!)
Filling your programs with clients you fully, completely adore (More please!)
Taking time off whenever you want (whether it’s every day, week, month or year) because you are the boss of you (Who’s your mama?)
Love, love, loving your business so hard that work (hardly) ever feels like work. (That’s the spot!)
Feeling the deep knowing that you’re making such a difference in your client’s lives and all the lives that they touch.
Supporting your family with relief, grace and joy.

You can have it all. I’m talking about full permission to truly enjoy your business and your life. All blocks aside.

I also see you…

Lovingly putting yourself and what’s most important to you first (instead of 4th or last).
Confidently sharing what you do, quickly followed by being asked for an interview, speaking gig or “what’s the soonest you’re taking on new clients?!”.
Managing your time like a boss and being more productive than ever…with total pleasure.
Offering programs so hot even you want to buy them!
Allowing yourself to receive support & love more than ever before (from hired help, colleagues, friends and family). It’s time.


I help incredibly talented & soulful women (like YOU) build businesses that bring them more pleasure than their secret stash of high-end vibrators – yup, I went there. (It’s okay, we’re all ladies here!) My mission as your Business & Lifestyle Success Coach is to keep you confidently going after everything that YOU want. Even the parts you never admitted you wanted. Your secret fantasies are on the agenda.

that’s why I created the Sexified Success Circle…to help you have just that (and then some).

It’s about having the container, support and sisterhood to feel crystal clear, confident and equipped to go forth and build, create, attract and experience all your heart and soul longs for…and all that you were put here on earth for.

And, because I believe that building and growing a soulful, successful business is NOT separate from our spirituality, relationships, love, and yes – even sexual energy… I know that focusing on one without the other would be both inefficient and ineffective (and not nearly as fun!).

That’s why in SSC we go there… anywhere you need to in order to shift, grow deeply and experience what you want in ALL areas of life.

Even the most successful women need a support system. And, in order to experience soulful success you have to be fully connected – to Source and yourself – we go there too. Spirituality and magic abound!



Here you will receive:

triangle shape
Business, Lifestyle & Success Coaching and Mentorship
triangle shape
Intuitive Guidance *to help you connect with your own intuition, plus deep, intuitive insights from me – to ensure aligned action can be taken with more ease
triangle shape
A Transformational, luxurious, fun and upleveling retreat
triangle shape
Practical Business Strategy
triangle shape
Templates, tools and training to uplevel your business and lifestyle
triangle shape
Love & Sisterhood & Mastermind goodness
triangle shape
Energy work
triangle shape
Priceless Feedback, Resources & Connections from the Circle
triangle shape

what you’ll get in the sexified success circle –

ONE-ON-ONE SUPPORT (valued at $15,000)

You’ll get one-on-one support with me the entire ten months (January to October). Not only am I available to you via our private FB group and email, but we’ll have 8 one-on-one calls to make sure you’re clear, aligned and making progress with your unique strategy… and, of course, keeping your (business) libido humming strong.
Our work together will be a mix of coaching, consulting, strategy, and energy work depending on what your needs are for each session.




We’ll begin our 10 months together with an intensive one hour strategy session where you and I dig deep and envision your plan (from a place of pleasure of course) for the next 10 months!



Saturday, January 28th, 2016 (New Moon & Lunar New Year)

What better way to kick things off than having a day long retreat to connect with each other right from the comfort of our own homes. Surprises will happen. Secrets & desires will be revealed. Intentions will be set. Sisters will be met.


RETREAT GETAWAY (valued at $6,000)

Because we all need a little retreat time – I’m taking the sisterhood to Bali for some pleasure, connection and play time! Many of the women have shared that these retreat experiences have allowed them to heal 15+ years of pent up stuff in just days! Not to mention the fact that they are an absolute blast.

Skinny dipping – check. Business Masterminding – check. Mouth watering food – check. Huge breakthroughs and clarity – check. Cuddle puddles – check. Total luxury and being taken care of – check. Life long transformation – check.

Food and accommodation is included for the duration of the retreat..

Bali Retreat

Express & Expand. April.

This is both a deep dive into your soul, and an opportunity to express yourself and your desires with your new soul sista’s. It’s a time together designed to expand your capacity to experience pleasure, and new, even bigger, dreams.


MASTERMIND CALLS (valued at $10,000)

We’ll have 10 monthly group mastermind calls with the “secret fantasy” sisterhood. This is where the real magic happens. Receive laser coaching, reflection, resources, and whatever you need in order to gain clarity, plan, take action, move through blocks, and more. *You can bring anything to these calls (safe space for business, money, relationship, sex, friendship, love, magic & spirituality talk).



As soon as you’re accepted into the SSC, you’ll gain immediate access to our Secret Facebook Group, also known as your safe zone on the internet for ongoing dialogue, instant support and tons of accountability and feedback.


BUSINESS TRAINING (valued at $5000)

In order to grow the business you truly desire, whether you’re looking to start a new business from scratch or do a full revamp, you’ll need to get CLEAR first. Knowing what you want is the first step to getting what you want. Clarity to Clients is my comprehensive 4 Lesson training that will help you identify the basics of your niche, your offer, your sexified strategy, and your sales system. Now, this might not sound all that sexy but these are the foundations for building a business that feels sexy to YOU.

You’ll also get my Business Pleasure Map program – a powerful process that will help you identify exactly what your dream life looks like and how much money you really need to make it a red hot reality.

Plus, all the latest and greatest behind-the-scenes info and training that no one else gets.



I’m currently rallying a crew of healers and experts just for you to join our mastermind calls, visit our Secret Group and frequent our retreats.



A portion of your Sexified Success Circle payment will be donated to the “Because I’m a Girl Project,” a charitable program that helps feed, empower and educate girls. Each year, your contribution will help up to 4 girls have a better chance of success in the world.


  • 10 months in sacred container (Priceless)
  • 10 monthly Mastermind calls ($10,000)
  • 8 1×1 calls with Allison ($15,000)
  • Luxurious & transformative Retreat in Bali (April) (Value $6000)
  • 2 Virtual Retreats ($4000)
  • Weekly accountability pod (Priceless)
  • Guest experts to support your journey ($5000)
  • Access to all trainings from Allison (BPM & C2C) ($5000)
  • Surprise Goodies ($500+)
  • Charitable contribution to Because I’m A Girl ($500)

TOTAL VALUE – over $45,000

Your investment? Less than half that.



To join the waitlist for SSC 2018, pop your name and email below.

what the past participants are saying…

katelynedgarThe experience of the Sexified Success Circle is totally magical, in every sense. The support, love, and miraculous manifestation that takes place within the container of this circle is absolutely amazing. When I compare my life from before joining this sisterhood and mastermind to now, I am completely blown away. I have never made so much money, been so filled with joy, felt so supported, or been so successful ever before. This is a divine, sacred experience and one I will forever in awe of and grateful for. And, it’s not even done yet!


vanessaschellenbergSSC is life changing, by far the best investment I have ever made for myself and my business. Working with Allison Braun in the Sexified Success Circle has truly changed my life and business. I was experiencing so much pain and doubt in my ability and I had no idea how to continue growing my business. I was about to give up my business and all of my dreams of freedom when I decided to join SSC. I joined because I wanted to be closer to Allison and a have a deeper connection to my healing work. I was feeling so lost and wanted to find my message and my joy in my business again. I wanted to find my passion again.

So incredibly much has changed since working with Allison, I have a sisterhood of supporters now. I was able to successfully enroll 10 new clients into my high-end coaching program. I love my business again and I am so excited about what my future holds. I feel so supported by the community that SSC has created for me. I would recommend SSC to any woman that feels like she has healing and intuitive abilities and wants to harness in to strengthen these abilities in a safe container. I would tell them that if they have ever felt like they didn’t belong in this world or fit in, this is the place to come home to with other women that have experienced these same feelings. Joining SSC has been like coming home. My gifts and healing abilities have increased tremendously over the past 8 months, I feel like a completely different woman and I have so much clarity in my business and my business and heart are exploding open.


ashWorking with Allison has catapulted my growth – personally and professionally – which I think is a unique set of results when working with a coach. Most focus strictly on personal or business development and what I’ve loved about working with Allison is that the whole process has been so organic.

During our one on one time, we address what needs to be addressed in real time, whether it’s list building, self care, connection to spirit or incorporating pleasure into the way I work – the way Allison deeply hears and helps you get what you need in the moment is nothing short of magical. I leave each session feeling more connected to myself, my work and the sisterhood she has created.

Learning to work this way has helped me feel confident and excited about sitting down to get work done, about creating launch schedules, and most importantly, about creating my dream lifestyle and the business that fits it.

If you are looking to get long term and personalized results, Allison is the woman to work with. I have such deep gratitude for the space she creates for each of her clients to grow and thrive, and the Sexified Success Circle has been nothing short of the most supportive and sacred sisterhood I’ve ever experienced.


reneeI am deeply honoured, humbled, and grateful for my experience in the SSC. Allison holds a sacred container for major transformation in a way that has uplevelled all aspects of my life. I went from having inspiration to help other women but not knowing how, to having all of the pillars in place to start my coaching business and getting clients!

I had a dream that seemed impossible and it felt heartbreaking, and when I said yes to Allison and the SSC, my dreams began to manifest all around and within me. It feels like magic, and it is, but it was also 9 months of discovery, heart opening, letting go, commitment, and vulnerability. Being in the SSC gave me a safe space to express and be held. I learned how to ask for help and how to trust my natural gifts to offer support. Surrounding myself with female entrepreneurs who understood the passion and yearning that I felt was life changing. I now know that my deepest passions are medicine for the world and I can share them in a way that fully supports me. I can have it all; a sacred connection with God, joyful success, financial abundance, nurturing balance, beautiful relationships, and unconditional self love. Allison is the perfect guide for women who want to bear their souls in business, life, and love. I am in absolute awe and gratitude.


kelsea broe2When I discovered that Allison was putting together a mastermind of women it was a huge yes for me! My soul was ready to be of greater service to the world and I knew this was the medicine my heart was calling for. Sisterhood has always been meaningful for me, but SSC made me truly understand just how important bringing women together truly is.

Our sisterhood not only helped me transform my business but it has been a huge catalyst of my soul awakening. I am walking away with more than words can express.
SSC held me as I found my purpose and with their support I was able to open the doors of my greatest potential. I can’t wait to share my heart and soul with the world and thanks to Allison, I deeply understand that this is my business! I am so grateful and blessed to have been a part of this magical journey and I would recommend this to any woman who is ready to open her heart to complete soulful success!


Melissa-FrederickI met Allison in Mexico while on vacation in March of 2014 and immediately felt a connection. I remember thinking to myself “I can see myself working with this chick in the future” fast forward a year when we met up again in Mexico and celebrated our birthdays. I came home from that trip with clarity that I wanted to see what she had to offer.

I’d been feeling the calling to work with a biz coach for a while but knew I needed to find the right person. And Alli was just that. I contacted her upon arriving home and we got on a call to discuss my options. As soon as I heard live retreat in Hawaii I was sold on the SSC. Plus I knew the women I’d be in it with would play a huge role in my biz success. It’s been an awesome journey. I’ve received exactly the support I needed, I made my first 5k month happen, with clients continuing to roll in. The transformations that happened have been indescribable, especially those that transpired at the live retreat. I couldn’t imagine having someone better than Allison to coach me, and hold space for me as I’ve grown, both personally and in my business. I’d highly recommend Alli as your coach if you feel like it’s right for you. She’s absolutely amazing.


what previous participants & clients have said…

heatherpennellportraitcropSince working with Allison I’ve built trust (in myself and the Universe), increased my income by an average of $4000/month all the while adding more pleasure and joy into my life. Working with Allison Braun has been a journey my soul was calling out for. On top of that I had two travel experiences that were truly a dream come true. I have such deep gratitude for Allison’s honest yet gentle way of helping me become the woman I always knew I could be.


elle-griffinAllison is one fierce femmepreneur and the only woman I would hire to help my business bloom. Since our work together my book became a novel, my coaching program went VIP, and my business started booming. She gets that being an entrepreneur isn’t one-size-fits-all and she helped me try on a business plan that fit my calling. The fact that she got me more moola in the process is really just a bonus.


how it all happens:

Well, when two grown ups really like each other… No, not that. How does this process happen?

triangle shape
You click that hot “apply now” button. You’ll enter your name and email which will automatically take you to the application + make sure you get it in your inbox as well.
triangle shape
You fill out a short questionnaire that tells me all about you (and hopefully some of your juicy secrets!).
triangle shape
We’ll hop on the phone for a deep conversation, the kind where we really get to know each other. I want to hear about your business fantasies and dreams (and where you’re getting stuck too).
triangle shape
If we click and the fit feels right for you, I’ll invite you to join the SSC.
triangle shape
Once you receive your official invitation, you’ll be able to choose the payment option that works best for you.
triangle shape
You will have the option to pay in full or break your payments into monthly installments.
triangle shape
You’re in, and you get to meet your SSC soul sista’s in the private FB group right away.

sarah penfoldWorking with Allison I have experienced a deeper connection with myself in my body, increased joy and pleasure in my day to day life, stronger sense of trust in myself, deeper connection with others, increased abundance and creative inspiration. I’ve also put my first official blog into the world (after much resistance) and started my own business which is a true expression of my creativity and purpose.


kimberlypollardPrevious coaching experiences had filled my head with confusing (and often conflicting) rules that I “had” to follow if I wanted to be successful. Ick. Allison showed me how to start from where I was instead of waiting to find myself in the right place to begin. Now I have a business doing what I love, what I do best, that meets my needs perfectly and doesn’t demand more of me than I’m willing to give it. In addition to Allison’s coaching, the ladies in the Sexified Success Circle with me were an amazing source of support and inspiration. It was the perfect container to stretch and grow in. I have made life-long friends. Of all the ways I could have received knowledge and support as I launched my business, I think this was the best one.


hillaryschneiderSince working with Allison, I have launched a new site, with new offerings and new copy, been able to identify and attract my ideal client. Got clear on my message and launch me into being able to reach even new heights of success that were not possible since before we worked together. I had 6 figures within my first 3 weeks of launching and am continuing that trend, most importantly creating more joy and knowing from within that has allowed me to claim it! I would not be where I am in my heights of my business without her mentorship and the incredible space of wisdom and advice that she holds for her clients.


Still not sure?

SSC IS for you if you:

triangle shape
like pina coladas
triangle shape
have a service-based business and want to be seen as a leader in your field
triangle shape
want it all – love, success, travel, affluence, to support your family, and to serve others (all on your own terms)
triangle shape
could use some new business besties that you can trust and who get you
triangle shape
want to grow your business without compromising who you are or going into burnout
triangle shape
want 1×1 support AND close sisterhood (not a group of 20+ people that you don’t really get to know)
triangle shape
want to feel alive, connected, passionate and expansive… and like YOU, totally being yourself

SSC is NOT for you if:

triangle shape reverse
you don’t have a business yet, and you aren’t 1000% sure you’re cut out for one
triangle shape reverse
this investment ($1450-$1650/m US) would put a huge strain on you or your family
triangle shape reverse
you aren’t willing to be completely open and honest with yourself and this group
triangle shape reverse
you don’t take personal responsibility for your actions and experiences
triangle shape reverse
you love large groups and would rather be around 30 people than 10 women you’ll realllly get to know
triangle shape reverse
you aren’t willing to get a little uncomfortable…and have a lot of fun
triangle shape reverse
you aren’t willing to talk about spirituality, sex, mystical stuff, relationships, and other personal growth topics that might pop up
triangle shape reverse
don’t really want a group of women in your life that you can count on and that can count on you
triangle shape reverse
aren’t totally committed to serving others with your gifts through your business


If you feel a resounding “yes!” in your body, I invite you to take a couple minutes to fill out the application here.  This simple act alone will bring a ton of clarity for you.




To join the waitlist for SSC 2018, pop your name and email below.

Because you deserve answers to all your questions…

Q. When does it start? End?

A. SSC 2017 officially starts January 15th and ends October 30th.

Q. How many women are you accepting in total?

A. In total, I’m looking for approximately 10 of the perfect-fit-for-this women. My priority is ensuring that the women who are participating are the perfect fit for the sisterhood and are ripe and ready to show up and do the work to experience the pleasurable success they’re seeking.

This is *NOT* one of those big masterminds of 20-50 people that you don’t click with or ever even really get to know (and therefore aren’t much help when it comes to business or life feedback or support) the others in it.

Q. Are the 1×1 coaching sessions with you or one of your assistant coaches?

A. Although it’s very typical in high-level masterminds to have the facilitator to be inaccessible, that is not the case with SSC. You’ve got me. I will personally get to know you, and your business…really well! It will be me that you’ll have your 1×1 sessions with, not some other coach I’ve hired.

Q. Are there payment plans?

A. Because I like options, I’m offering three different payment plans so you can choose a plan that works for YOU. Those who pay in full will get special pricing.

Q. What are the retreat dates?

A. They are currently set for January 28th (VIRTUAL RETREAT & opening ceremony),  April 13th-18th (BALI) *it’s recommended, when possible, to have a few days before and after retreats for travel and integration time*, and October (day TBA) (VIRTUAL RETREAT & closing ceremony).

Q. What else do we need to know for travel?

You’ll be well taken care of. You’ll be provided with all of the details you need to feel fully supported and at ease about this beautiful adventure after the Circle has started. Expect to take care of travel (flights) as well as extra accommodation before and after the retreat if necessary. Other than that you can just be excited!

Luxurious accommodation, delicious food (which can be catered to your preferences), coaching, masterminding and surprises are included.

You will need a valid passport for travel to Bali.

Q. What’s included for travel?

A. The cost of the SSC includes all of your food and accommodations during the retreat. Your airfare and ground transportation, as well as any other additional hotel stays leading up to or following our retreat dates are not included.

Q. Will I fit in? Will I get along with everyone?

A. If you’re someone who typically feels like you don’t fit in, you’ll be among sisters here. It’ll be normal for you to have moments where you feel like you’re different (because we all are!) or like you don’t get along with everyone. That being said, this group is especially curated. It’s one of my greatest gifts. I can assure you that this group will feel exceptional, magical and that you will create lifelong, deep friendships with these women. You will feel supported, seen, understood, loved, and then some!

If you feel a resounding “yes!” in your body, I invite you to take a couple minutes to fill out the application here.  This simple act alone will bring a ton of clarity for you.



To join the waitlist for SSC 2018, pop your name and email below.

I look forward to getting to know you!