Meet the founder and leader of the Sexified Success Circle, Allison Braun.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from over 10 countries. As a former holistic health and sexual expression coach I’m a pro at helping women build successful businesses with soul & simplicity. My clients have gotten clear on their big mission, started movements, filled their clients spots with Soul Mate Clients, quadrupled their rates, quadrupled their income while working less, quit their day jobs, moved to their dream homes, hosted retreats, taken their business around the world with them… the list goes on.

I’ve helped them all to do this while working part time and traveling the world with friends, family and my mastermind sisters – receiving the love and support that I need to be my best along the way.

Fun Facts:

I work with the best clients in the world. I used to go-go dance. I had skin cancer when I was in grade 12. I’d rather read a good book than go to a house party. I like cartoons and longboarding. I have a knack for getting complete strangers (not to mention clients) to share their deepest fears and biggest fantasies with me …the ones they’ve held in way too long. I used to teach Penis Lovin’ workshops.

I’m obsessed with:

The ocean, dark chocolate with sea salt, crystals, essential oils, making malas and bracelets, sitcoms and movies that I can watch over and over again, avocados, dancing, soft sheets and comfy beds, my husband, personal growth.


I’m an INFJ, with relator, maximizer, significance, activator and futuristic as my top 5 strengths (Strengths Finder), and my Fascination Archetype is The Connoisseur (Prestige and Passion).